Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When tomorrow is another day, but you still have too much stuff to dotomorrow

Hello, everyone!  As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I rather have a lot to do lately.  (I also thought I'd try to be witty with an OH movie quote..... ;-) ) To begin with, I've a lot of schoolwork to finish, and I have a very large test to study for.  And I mean a very, very large test.  I have to start studying now for the test, which is in early summer.  I'm really nervous about it, so I'm trying to read as many books and test prep materials as I can to help me.  Needless to say, I'm not the best at taking big tests that make me nervous, particularly when that school subject isn't my best one.
Also, I am in three blogathons, all of which are in March.  Please do not misunderstand me; those blogathons are not burdens in the least!  In fact, I am very, very excited about them.  I just want to write substantial, interesting posts for the blogathons; I've been getting sources from the library and having a ball reading them. :-). So instead of posting the regular Movie Matinee Monday this week, I will be working on my blogathon posts (you can catch the first one posted at the end of the week!).  I a, so excited to share my thoughts on the blogathon subjects with you guys!  Also, early next week or late this week, you can be looking forward to a review of a box set I got last week.  I am really excited to share the photos and my thoughts on the box set with you.
Thank you for reading!

And to tide you over until a real post, here's one of my favorite photographs I've ever seen: Fred and Ginger filming Cheek to Cheek in Top Hat.  Because Astaire and Rogers put a smile on any OH fan's face. :-)

Ta-ta, dahlings!



Phyl said...

Good luck on the studying! I recently graduated from college so those memories are still pretty fresh in my mind :/

Pure Golden said...

Thank you very much, Phyl!
I'm in high school still now, but I suppose these tests are good practice for college, eh? :-)
Thank you again for the encouragement!