Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Impeccably Awesome.....Hair Scarf

Yep, I'm writing an entire post on hair/head scarves.  ;-). You know, those impeccable, vintage, classic hair scarves worn in the 50s? Uh huh, those.  This topic came to my mind yesterday, because it's gotten pretty chilly around here, and I wear one when it gets cold.  Actually, I'd wear one all the time, just because I love them so much, but then I get accused of looking like a peasant or something like, I don't.  But who cares what other people say?  I'm considering wearing one all of the time anyway.  In any event, my sister can't stand my hair scarves.  Can. Not. Stand. Them.  I don't even know why, I guess it just drives her crazy.  Which is odd.  Which also means I get picked on a lot from her on said hair scarves.  So, I'm here to present to you the case of the awesomeness of vintage-style hair scarves. :D

Hair scarves were worn especially in the late 40s and the 50s, and the 60s too, to protect women's hairstyles, and also keep them pristine in the wind when you're in the car traveling.  To be fair, I haven't particularly got a 'hairstyle' to protect, but I wear it anyways. ;-). There's even a certain way of wearing one, called the Grace Kelly Wrap, named guessed it, Grace Kelly.  She wore hers this way, and this is also the way I generally wear mine.  I don't usually do the 60s triangular style hair scarf, event though I like them too. Most women/girls nowadays consider hair scarves super duper old fashioned....and I don't mean old fashioned like cool retro or something.  They actually think its old fashioned; as in, "why in the world would you wear that?  Nobody does that anymore; how silly!!"  Yeah, that kind of old fashioned. But stupid as it sounds, hair scarves make me feel sorta elegant, I guess, and like I'm in an old movie.  Kind of Grace Kelly-ish too!! :-).  Plus I think hair scarves give a kind of elegant chic air, nice and vintage.  I also think they frame your face very well.  The good thing is, hair scarves were back in trend for 2013-14, but I still didn't see many people wearing them.  I suppose that didn't go too well, so they're 'out of style' again.  But I'm going to keep wearing them anyways. :-)

So, you've probably gotten the idea that I love my hair scarves. Which I do.  :-). And after all that blathering about them, I'm going to close this post with pictures of these lovely ladies wearing hair scarves.  (I do not own any of the pictures). Enjoy!! :-)

Grace Kelly

Elizabeth Taylor
The scarf style in the first picture shows the triangular 60s style.  I don't usually wear mine like that though. :-)

Audrey Hepburn (my favorite actress of all time <3)

The style shown here is what most made me want to wear hair scarves.  It just looks so elegant. :-). This is also how I usually wear them.

Again shown here is the 60s scarf style.

And again the 60s style here.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Thank you very much for reading!! :-)

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